Beard Famous started out from a chance encounter. My wife and I had just finished running the local trails when a biker whizzed by us. The rider slowed, U-turned, and headed straight for me.  I stopped not sure what to expect. My wife was already in the process of walking back to the car. The biker pulled beside me, removed his helmet, and he called me by my name.  I extended my hand with a big smile and asked if we knew each other.  He shook my hand and said he recognized my beard from social media but we had never met.  We talked for a bit and then he rode off.

I turned and walked back to the car where my wife was waiting for me. She was watching us and ask who I was talking to. I replied, " I don't know but he recognized my beard and knew my name."  I paused and then said, "I think I am beard famous."  She rolled her eyes and got in the car.  

The entire ride home the words "Beard Famous" kept echoing in my head.   At one point I looked at my wife and ask, "You know what?".  Knowing me all too well she looked at me and replied, "Your're beard famous."  We both started laughing.  She rolled her eyes again.  When I got home I jumped on the computer and searched the domain name, to my surprise it was free. I registered it immediately and the wheels started turning.

Let's back up a couple of years...

I have toyed with facial hair for most of my adult life. A goatee here and there but never letting my facial hair fully grow out before I gave in and shaved. It wasn't until well into my 40's that, as a self-imposed punishment, I decide to stop shaving. After 4 months of growth and every person I knew telling me to shave, I came to a crossroad.  Keep the beard or conform..

It was an easy decision. 

I have never been comfortable conforming to anyone's standard.  Despite everyone's advice, I kept growing the beard. After another 3 months I realized how much my life had changed.  When I was in the checkout line at the grocery store the sales person looked at my beard and not at my eyes. It didn't matter if I was walking into a meeting at work or a local pub, people turned around and looked at my beard.  Some people warmed up to the beard, some people never liked it. Living your life bearded truly is like being famous.

I still remember the day my kids told me if I ever shaved now how "weird" I would look.  It still makes me smile. The bearded life is now who I am. Who I will always be.  Everyone that has a beard has their own story and this is mine.  It took me about 6 months to fully develop the Beard Famous apparel idea and get things started.  I hope my bearded brethren and the women who love them enjoy what we have to offer.  

Keep growing and stay famous!